Igloo Tent



Invented by Close Comfort’s founder, our unique Igloo Tent has been specifically designed to keep you extra cool during the day or night.

Enjoy a little indoor glamping with our Igloo Tent to keep you or the kids cool during the day. Alternatively, if you are dealing with humid or steamy nights, it can be easily fitted to your bed for a relaxing and mosquito-free sleep and help keep dengue fever at bay.

Coming with the latest self-erecting technology, you will feel up to 12°C cooler and reduce your energy consumption even further while relaxing in its spacious interior. To use as a play tent on the floor, simply place some cushions on the base of the tent (like you would if you were camping) to weigh down the Igloo tent and keep it in place.

PLEASE NOTE: A Standard Tent Adapter comes included with each Igloo Tent, allowing you to easily convert from a play tent to a bed tent for your double to king size bed.

  • Fits beds from double to king size – single bed model coming soon
  • Large entry panels and spacious interior
  • Translucent panels so you can still watch TV while staying cool or easily see the kids playing inside
  • Quick to set up and pack away
  • Detachable machine washable bottom panel
  • Lower your Cool Focus unit’s energy consumption to as little as 170 Watts (more than 40% lower than standard energy use for Close Comfort units!)

  • The Igloo Tent can be tightened down to 180cm x 147cm and stretched up to 200cm x 200cm
  • When placing on beds, Igloo tents can fit double up to larger king sized beds (210cm x 201cm)

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See it in action How it works

Turn your hot bedroom into a cool Igloo

If you're sweltering in your room at night, the Igloo Bed Tent brings cool relief, with chemical-free mosquito protection.

Use with your COOL FOCUS to reduce its energy needs by 40% (down to 170W) for more savings on your electricity bill!

Setting up and Folding your Igloo Bed Tent

Setting up the Tent

Setting up the bedding

Packing up the Tent