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Focus Enhancer


PLEASE NOTE: Focus Enhancer comes pre-installed as part of every COOL FOCUS air conditioner.

Our newly designed Focus Enhancer works to diffuse and double the cooling effect of your Close Comfort unit, while also being designed to stay in place even you close your unit.

This accessory works easily with any Close Comfort unit.

There are two simple parts to the Enhancer.

First is the flat blue nozzle that concentrates the cool air throw, then the clear flap works to elevate the direction of the air flow. This is especially beneficial if you’ll be standing up or want the cooling effect to be felt over a longer distance.


  • Included as standard in all COOL FOCUS Personal Air Conditioners
  • Simple to install
  • Suitable for ANY Close Comfort unit
  • Enhanced flat blue nozzle enables you to keep it fixed in place – including when you close or move your Close Comfort unit
  • Amplifies cool air speed and cooling effect
  • No extra power consumption
  • No extra noise

COOL FOCUS Portable Air Conditioner

Revolutionising Personal Cooling.

Close Comfort's portable air conditioner is an affordable refrigeration solution. Light, portable, convenient, no hoses, no water, no ice, no installation and can be used anywhere, even outside in sheltered places. See it in action How it works

We cool people. Not rooms.

Other kinds of portable air conditioner mix the air in the room, wasting energy trying to keep walls, furniture and floors cool as well.