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Carry Bag



Carry or protect your Close Comfort unit!

Custom designed for the COOL Focus unit and easy to fit. Just slip over and adjust the straps.

Machine washable. Strong and durable. High quality stitching.

Designed to support the weight of your Close Comfort unit when being carried, this accessory is perfect for carrying your unit up any stairs or in and out of your car.

They are available in 2 colours – grey or white.

COOL FOCUS Portable Air Conditioner

Revolutionising Personal Cooling.

Close Comfort's portable air conditioner is an affordable refrigeration solution. Light, portable, convenient, no hoses, no water, no ice, no installation and can be used anywhere, even outside in sheltered places. See it in action How it works

We cool people. Not rooms.

Other kinds of portable air conditioner mix the air in the room, wasting energy trying to keep walls, furniture and floors cool as well.