Close Comfort takes over Australia’s Hottest Town

Marble Bar in the north west of Australia holds the record for the world’s longest heatwave. Where better to put our units to the ultimate test than in one of the hottest places on Earth?

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Close Comfort takes over the Hottest Town in Australia

Located 1,492km from Perth, Western Australia, Marble Bar is one of the hottest towns in the world. What better way to put our unique cooling solution to the test than in the most extreme conditions?

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Personal Air Conditioner

$629.00  $699.00

Think of it as a fridge with a fan. Comes with a remote to adjust the settings to suit your needs. By focusing its cooling to people, not rooms, these little wonders can work wherever 220-240V power is available. Even off-grid.


Enjoy glamping at home!


Self-erecting and spacious, take the sting out of hot days and humid nights without breaking the bank. Feel 12°C cooler while relaxing or playing with the kids. Easily converts to a bed tent to keep mosquitoes out.

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COOL FOCUS Personal Air Conditioner

Revolutionising Cooling

Our COOL FOCUS model is an affordable refrigerated air conditioning unit. Portable and convenient with NO water, hoses, installation or mess they can be used anywhere – bedrooms, working from home, offices after hours, even outdoors.

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Say Goodbye to Power Bill Headaches

Save at least 75% off your cooling costs due to Close Comfort’s patented energy-efficient technology. Our units cost less than $0.50 a night or under $43 a quarter (based on 8 hours a night for 3 months on EMA tariffs of 19.6c per kWh). This saves you at least 75% on electricity costs compared with other comparable portable air conditioning units.

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Amazingly energy-efficient, our units need 6 times LESS power to run than your electric kettle!

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This product is great. So well made.

We’ve been using it with the igloo tent for a week now. It cools the bed area wonderfully. No aircon wastage, dry patchy air, varying temperatures etc. Instead we now sleep in a cool environment which remains stable throughout the night with very little air movement. Lovely!!

And the service is over and beyond. When I received the unit it worked fine but the remote control didn’t work. I called the vendors in Singapore who turned up at my door within a couple of hours with a new remote 🙂

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