This personal airconditioner is very effective at cooling you down from 1-2 metres away and genuinely feels like refrigerated cooling, which it is. I have purchased it to cool my personal space down over summer. Read the full review

RoM / Greater Melbourne Vic


It’s fantastic, I used it during the intense heatwave we had here at the start of the year. The tent is a little fiddly for me as I am disabled, but it was so good to be cool and comfortable through the heat. Thank you so much for your invention.

John / Far North Queensland


“In many cases personal cooling provides more than sufficient cooling (and indeed can be more thermally comfortable). The energy savings of adopting widespread personal cooling could be massive.” Read the full article

Dave Southgate / onestepoffthegrid.com.au


I just want to thank you for this amazing invention. I have a split AC in one room, but now I can go to the other rooms and have just enough cool air to be comfortable anywhere in my home. Thank you!

Wendy / Purchased two AC units


Congratulations to the team for such a amazing invention. Very Impressive ! I enjoy it in 39 degrees and can’t thank Close Comfort enough for saving my life 🙂 Its so cheap to run ! It doesn’t take up room! I searched for 3 weeks before I called you guys 🙂

Fiamma / North Queensland


This invention is absolutely fabulous. I live in a large rented house and the landlord won’t allow me to install an air conditioner. It’s so helpful for me.