How It Works

Close Comfort technology has revolutionised portable air conditioners.

Say goodbye to those large, noisy portable air conditioners with thick exhaust hoses that need a technician to install for you – costing you time, money and, usually, a window.

Since Close Comfort needs no water or exhaust hoses, there’s no installation or mess. This means you can be cool and comfortable wherever you are, even outside in sheltered places.

Our Australian-invented technology provides you with affordable refrigerated air conditioning, wherever you are and wherever you go.

How is this possible?

Close Comfort uses compressor refrigeration, so you feel that refreshing crisp air straight away, gently blowing away all the discomfort from heat and humidity.

At the same time, it never needs recharging, never needs water or ice, and even adjusts automatically to work harder in high humidity by increasing its cooling output. Some of the condensation may go into the tray at the back of the unit.

Our units are light, portable, convenient, energy-efficient and – best of all – ready to use straight out of the box. Just plug in and go.

Best of all, Close Comfort units consume so little power you will barely notice it on your electricity bill. A cool Australian solution for a warming planet.

How does Close Comfort work?

With its high efficiency design, Close Comfort uses special patented technology to focus a stream of cool air and send it towards you, keeping you comfortable.

Unlike other portable air conditioners, Close Comfort focuses on cooling people, not rooms.

Fans, no matter how smart they may be, can still only recirculate the same air that’s already in the room.

Other kinds of portable air conditioners use far more electricity or can cause extra humidity, and some need drain pipes or topping up with water or ice.

Can I use it with the windows open?

Since Close Comfort creates a cool micro-climate around you, the windows and doors can remain open allowing fresh air to circulate. With split air conditioners windows and doors have to remain closed so there is no fresh air exchange. CO2 and harmful volatile organic compounds accumulate. Close Comfort is a much healthier option.

How much energy does it use?

Close Comfort uses very little electric power, so the heat extracted from the cool air can simply be directed to the ceiling where it is absorbed. The heat released into the room is about the same as three people generate naturally. This means there is no need for the exhaust hose that comes with other portable air conditioners.

Does it use more electricity than other personal coolers?

Other portable air conditioners with an exhaust hose use four to eight times more electricity and are extremely inefficient.

Why? Most of the cool air is sucked out of the room. The cool air flow is much less than the amount of air sucked out of the room and exhausted through the hose.

Even worse, hot air from outside flows into the room to make up for the air exhausted through the hose, cancelling out much of the cooling.

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What is Close Comfort's energy star rating?

Australian government parameters for rating energy efficiency have not updated in some time. We have been advised that there is currently no way to accurately measure our unit’s performance in fair comparison with similar units as we have essentially created an entirely new industry category.

Recent advice from Energy Ratings is that legislation is next due for review and amendment in August 2020.

Where does the water go?

In humid conditions, Close Comfort extracts water from the cool air giving you that cool, fresh and dry feeling that comes with refrigeration air conditioning. The water evaporates, helping to cool the hot condenser pipes, and comes out with the warm directed to the ceiling. This well-known principle increases the air conditioning efficiency so you get more cooling in humid conditions when you need it most.

In extremely humid environments, some of the water may go into the tray at the back of the unit. An LED indicator will inform the user when to empty the tray.

What is the BTU rating and what size room does it cool?

About 3000 BTU/hr in dry air and 4000 BTU/hr in high humidity.

Other portable air conditioners and split air conditioners provide 12,000 – 24,000 BTU/hr cooling but require 4 – 8 times more electricity.

Close Comfort works in any size room as it focuses cooling directly to people, rather than trying to cool the entire room.

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