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COOL FOCUS Personal Air Conditioner

Cool Your Work or Study Space

Need to be cool while working at home or in a small space?

COOL FOCUS directs refrigerated cool air to you so there’s no need to run air conditioning throughout the house.

Works just as well to keep you cool in large spaces like warehouses where fans or aircons can be ineffective.

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Personal Air Conditioner


Think of it as a fridge with a fan. Comes with a remote to adjust the settings to suit your needs. By focusing its cooling to people, not rooms, these little wonders can work wherever 240V power is available. Even off-grid.


Personal Air Conditioner


With a single pre-set temperature and pre-set speed setting, the EASY FOCUS is the perfect no-fuss, budget cooling solution when you just want to open and go!

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Like a Blanket of Cool Air

Use Close Comfort in your bedroom to focus cooling to both you and your partner or in your kids’ room. No skin being dried out by air blasted from above you or fans recirculating the same air that’s already in the room.

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Say Goodbye to Power Bill Headaches

Save as much as 75% off your cooling costs due to Close Comfort’s patented energy-efficient technology. Our units cost less than $1 a night to run compared to $0.45-0.55+ an hour with other comparable portable air conditioning units.

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Amazingly energy-efficient, our units need 6 times LESS power to run than your kettle!

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Totally awesome!!

Can’t express how pleased I am with this unit. I live in the northern rivers NSW so it’s hot and humid a good part of the year. I’m also off grid so I needed something that would work with my limited solar setup. I’m currently running the unit at the end of my bed at full power, 18 degrees and it’s only drawing 280 watts of power. My bed is a little oasis of cool and dry . I’ll recommend these to everyone!!

Sandi, Richmond-Tweed NSW, November 2020

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