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We cool people, not rooms.

Close Comfort is the future of air conditioning: simple, portable, and extremely energy-efficient. Close Comfort uses special patented technology to focus a stream of cool air around you. Creating your very own cool micro-climate. Close Comfort combines the portability of a pedestal fan with the cooling power of a fixed air conditioner.
Aircon has never been so simple.



 A global revolution in energy-efficient air conditioning.

Close Comfort’s vision is to provide affordable, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient cooling globally.

We all have to dramatically reduce our greenhouse emissions to ensure a sustainable future for us all.

A simple way to reduce energy consumption is by using Close Comfort instead of old-style air conditioners.

With Close Comfort you use so much less energy and help reduce pollution and heat emissions. The enormous heat discharged outside by large numbers of split air conditioners can lift city temperatures by 2°C or more, making the environment more uncomfortable. Normal split air conditioners slowly release refrigerant gases, which are potent greenhouse emissions.